Order Bees 2016

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As we enter our twelfth year performing these services, we want to thank you for your loyal patronage from all of us at beekind.
We wish you a successful and bountiful year with your bees.

2016 Rules for Ordering and Pickup

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• Refunds or changes on Bee orders will be charged a $25.00 cancellation or change fee on each Package or Nuc. No refunds or cancellations are allowed after March 31st. Once your package has been picked up, Beekind is no longer responsible for the well being of the bees or queen. We guarantee your queen is fertile and will lay brood. If she has not started laying within 10 days after the pickup date, contact us immediately for a replacement. If our company is not contacted within 10 days after the pickup date, this guarantee is void. Bees are live stock and are subject to various environmental stresses and occassionally bees do die in transport or abscond after installation. The customer assumes all risks of losing their bees once the bees are picked up.

• Refunds on Bee orders will not be allowed after March 31.

• Package bees that are not picked up on weekend dates selected will be forfeited unless special arrangements have been made.

• We do not ship bees. Bees must be picked up at the beekind store in Sebastopol, CA. However, shipping details are required for system to process order.

• Orders must be made, and paid for, in advance of pick up dates, as we will sell out.

• Please know that weather can affect delivery dates.

• PACKAGE BEES: Your pick up weekend must be selected at time of purchase. You can pick up your package(s) EITHER on Saturday or Sunday of your selected weekend. Pick up times are 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday only.

• NUCS (Nucleus Colonies): NUCS are scheduled to be available the second week in May. The pick up dates for NUCS will be arranged by Beekind, once the bees are fully ready. NUCS ARE PICKED UP IN THE EVENINGS BETWEEN 6:30 AND 7:30 PM AT THE SEBASTOPOL LOCATION ONLY so that all the bees that were flying will be in their box to take home.

• Cages (in re-usable condition) returned WITHIN 30 days of pick up will have their deposit refunded to customer. After 30 days, customers will receive a $10.00 store credit for each cage (in re-usable condition) returned up to one year after purchase.

• Call the store or email us if you have additional questions.

Tel: 707-824-2905
921 Gravenstein Hwy. South
Sebastopol, CA 95472


Beekind's Own Local Stock


Three Pound Package with Local Queen. 
Locally adapted stock that have been untreated for several years living in California Coastal climate. The queen is open mated in Capay valley with commercial drones.



Three Pound Package with Italian Queen. 
Italians are ideal for a temperate Mediterranean climate and are known for their large numbers and ability to capitalize on early nectar flows. The queen is open mated in Capay valley with commercial drones.



Three Pound Package with Carniolan Queen. 
Carniolans are ideal in a cooler or higher altitude climate and are known for their over wintering ability with small clusters. The queen is open mated in Capay valley with commercial drones.

Nucs 2016 SOLD OUT

NUCS come in a cardboard box of 5 DEEP frames that contain a young queen recently mated in Guerneville, California, three frames of larvae in all stages and two frames of pollen and honey to support the colony.

You will be contacted in May to schedule your NUC pickup. NUCS are scheduled to be available for pick up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, second week in May, BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not release the NUCS to customer until the bees are ready. Depending on the weather and conditions, THE TIME FRAME IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

NUC INSTALLATION: Your NUC will come in a cardboard box on 5 DEEP frames. Install the nuc in the center of a brood box one frame at a time with additional frames (and follower boards) to fill the box.

Feed the NUC 1 to 1 sugar syrup until all the frames in the box are fully drawn. Feeding sugar syrup to the small colony frees the bees from the need to forage for nectar, and they can use their efforts instead to collect pollen, rear brood, produce beeswax, and draw out comb. Generally, feed a quart a day.

For best queen survival, you should not disturb the nuc for a few days (other than feeding). Inspect the colony after a week. Use little smoke and minimal disturbance. If all is well, the bees should have started drawing out fresh comb onto the empty frames, there should be brood of all ages, including white larvae and eggs. Note that eggs are very difficult for the beginner to see, especially against new comb. The presence of any eggs, or young larvae in royal jelly, means that you have a queen, and all is well, you need not actually see the queen!

Check to see that the queen is laying a regular pattern of brood in concentric rings by age. If brood pattern is spotty or uneven, the queen may have a problem.

If there are queen cells being formed, the colony may have lost their queen, may be superseding the queen, or be preparing to swarm.

Once the bees have drawn out all the combs in the first brood box, you can add the second brood box. You may continue feeding the colony until all the combs are drawn out or discontinue feeding and let the bees finish on their own, but that will be slower. At this point, the brood chamber is complete (assuming a double deep brood chamber).