Crystallized Honey

Crystallization is a naturally occurring process that does not harm or diminish the honey in any way. All raw Honey crystallizes in time (some nectars crystallize sooner than others). Some honey crystallizes smooth and some are a bit grainier.

Buying raw honey insures receiving all the benefits honey offers. Many large packers blend and heat honeys (to slow the crystallization process) to over 160 degrees. That process destroys many of the honey's nutrients and diminishes the unique flavors that individual nectars provide.

If you prefer a runny honey, heat a pot of water and set your jar (lid open) in the water to cover two thirds of the jar. Repeat this process until honey is clear and decentralized.

Warming honey slowly and gently will reduce the damage to the nutrients by overheating. Never microwave honey. We do not offer refunds for crystallized honey.